Wonderbrett X Sugar- 3.5g THCP | THCB | D8 | D10 Disposable

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The collaboration between Sugar and Wonderbrett is by far one of the hottest new duo’s in the hemp industry. Each disposable vape contains 3.5 grams of a master blend of THCP + THCB + Delta 10 + Delta 8 with Live Resin Terps. 

Cherry Trop:
Grapes of Wrath:
Beyond Blueberry: A Wonderbrett exclusive strain, carries the aromas of blueberries, earth, boysenberries, and sweet cream, with undertones of lavender and mint. And it is said to taste like berries and sweet cream. 
Strawberry Bliss: will have you feeling just as the name states, in pure bliss. This tasty and delicious strain will have you wanting more and more each and every hit. Strawberry Bliss delivers bliss but also has the sativa feels you’ve grown to love.  
Melon OG: Will combine the power and history of the strain we all know and love, OG Kush, with the unique flavor profile of the amazing Melon, their Melon OG boasts delicate flavors of honeydew, cantaloupe and English cucumber, with very subtle notes of pine, earthy mint and peppery. 
Orange Banana: A Wonderbrett exclusive strain, packs a super sweet and fruity banana flavor, with punches of sour orange and sweet citrus galore. The aroma is very similar, although it does have a lightly spicy nuttiness and touches of creamy vanilla to it, as well. This Orange Banana high is just as delicious, with a soothing overtone that will have you feeling lifted yet relaxed at the same time. 

Sugar x Wonderbrett THC-A Disposable 3.5G Features:
• Capacity: 3.5G (3500mg)
• Battery Capacity: Integrated Rechargeable
• Cannabinoid: THCP | THCB | D8 | D10
• Concentrate: Live Resin
• Heating Element: Ceramic Coil
• Firing: Draw-Activated
• LED Battery Life Indicator Light
• Chassis Construction: Polycarbonate
• < 0.3% Delta-9 THC
• No Fillers
• 3rd Party Lab Tested
• Charging: Type-C Port