White Owl Cigarillos (IN-STORE ONLY)

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White Owl is a well-known brand of cigarillos loved for their mild and smooth tobacco flavor. These cigarillos are available in various styles and flavors, offering options for different tastes. Each pack contains 2 slow burning cigarillos. 21+


Black Sweets: White Owl Black Sweets offer a rich and sweet smoking experience with hints of cocoa, coffee, or chocolate notes.
Blackberry Mojito: These cigarillos feature a fusion of blackberry and mint flavors, creating a refreshing and fruity smoke with a hint of menthol.
Blue Raspberry: Blue Raspberry cigarillos provide a sweet and tangy taste reminiscent of ripe blueberries.
Coconut Rum: White Owl Coconut Rum cigarillos offer a tropical twist with a blend of coconut and rum flavors, providing a delightful and exotic smoke.
Grape: Known for their classic grape flavor, these cigarillos deliver a fruity and sweet smoking experience.
Green Sweets: Green Sweets cigarillos are recognized for their sugary and sweet taste, providing a mellow and enjoyable smoke.
Honey: White Owl Honey cigarillos feature a subtle honey sweetness, creating a smooth and mild smoking experience.
Mango: These cigarillos are infused with the tropical flavor of ripe mangoes, offering a sweet and exotic taste.
Pineapple: Pineapple cigarillos provide a burst of tropical pineapple flavor, delivering a refreshing and fruity smoke.
Platinum: White Owl Platinum cigarillos are typically associated with a smooth and mellow tobacco taste.
Silver: Silver cigarillos offer a mild and straightforward smoking experience, perfect for those who prefer a classic flavor.
Sweets (Original): The original White Owl Sweets are known for their sweet and mild taste, making them a popular choice among cigarillo enthusiasts.
Swirl Chocolate & Vanilla: Swirl Chocolate & Vanilla cigarillos combine the flavors of rich chocolate and creamy vanilla for a delightful and indulgent smoke.
Swirl Rocky Road: These cigarillos mimic the taste of the classic dessert, Rocky Road, with flavors of chocolate, marshmallow, and nuts.
Tropical Twist: Tropical Twist cigarillos offer a blend of fruity flavors, creating a tropical and refreshing smoking experience.
Vanilla: Vanilla cigarillos feature a smooth and creamy vanilla taste, providing a sweet and comforting smoke.
White Grape: White Grape cigarillos offer a sweet and juicy white grape flavor, delivering a fruity and pleasant smoking experience.
White Peach: White Peach cigarillos provide the taste of ripe, juicy peaches, offering a sweet and fruity smoke.
Duo Black & White Russian: Duo Black & White Russian cigarillos combine the flavors of dark and white chocolate with a hint of coffee liqueur.
Duo Berries & Cream: Duo Berries & Cream cigarillos offer a fusion of berry and creamy flavors for a sweet and indulgent smoke.
Duo Strawberry Lemonade: These cigarillos blend the taste of ripe strawberries and zesty lemonade for a fruity and refreshing smoke.
Pairs Dark & White Chocolate: Pairs Dark & White Chocolate cigarillos provide a combination of rich dark and creamy white chocolate flavors.
Pairs White Peach Sangria: These cigarillos feature the flavors of white peach and sangria, delivering a fruity and tropical smoking experience.