Vuber Pulse Touch (IN-STORE ONLY)

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Introducing the Pulse Touch, the newest offering in the Vuber Pulse line up. It features the same Pulse technology as the original but without the OLED screen, which allows Vuber to make a smaller and more affordable device and bring their patent-pending “Never Burn” technology to a wider audience. 
* Reads the resistance of the cartridge and automatically adjusts the settings for optimal use.
* ”Never Burn” technology, tapers the heat as you draw, which allows you to attach any cartridge and be certain you will have the best flavor to vapor experience.
* Suction Activated.
* Protective Magnetic cartridge sleeve, for ultimate cartridge protection.
* 430mAh battery allows for long uses between charging.
* Pass-through Micro USB Charging lets you use the device even when plugged in to charge.


Life time warranty thru: