Swisher Sweets (IN-STORE ONLY)

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Swisher Sweets cigarillos have been delivering a satisfying smoke that will never go out of style. While the lineup has changed over the years, one thing remains the same; the commitment to sourcing the best tobacco to develop cigarillos adult consumers love. Enjoy the aroma and taste legends are made of. Each pack contains 2 cigarillos.

Arctic Ice: the ultimate blast of icy cool flavor in a mild smoke.
Banana Daiquiri: infused with Banana Rum essence thats smooth, mild bodied and slow burning.
Banana Smash: Like a cocktail in paradise- mixed up and ready to go. Sit back and enjoy the smooth blend with smells from the tropics.
Black: Rich and robust flavors.
Blueberry: Bursting with intense aroma and tastes to savor. Always a smooth smoke to remember. 
Coastal Cocktail: Infused kiwi and peach together bringing a beach vibe like no other. A blend that smokes smooth with hints of a tropical getaway.
Coco Blue: Tangy blueberry and creamy coconut.
Diamonds: Who doesn’t love a little bling? Bringing a top-notch smoking experience to another level. Always classic and always smooth.
Grape: Vibes are grape in this juicy blend that is always a fan favorite. Fresh and smooth for a lasting smoke.
Green Sweet: Just like the original but wrapped in a candela-style wrapper for an even slower burn with the same smooth, savory smoke.
Mango: Infused with refreshing sweet flavors of ripe delicious mangos.
Mango Lemonade: Fresh blend of sweet and tart mango and lemonade.
Original: The OG of cigarillos that never fails. A True Classic in every way. Smooth and slow-burning each and every time.
Peach: Just like a peach ripe off the tree, juicy and packed with the best of summer.
Silver: Creamy, rich taste.
Sticky Sweets: a Favorite of seasonal blends. The crisp peach mixes together with the rich and creamy caramel making it the perfect smoke to share with friends. 
Strawberry: Brings the sweet tastes of strawberry just the way we like it. Offering a smooth, enjoyable smoke that burns slow.
Tropical Fusion: Take your senses on a beach vacation. Infused with hints of pineapple and coconut, making it a smoke you’ll want to last.
White Grape: Gives a chill vibe with a smooth smoke. A classic you’ll want to have around.
Wild Rush: Bursting with fruit punch and watermelon rolled in Swisher’s classic wrapper. Wild Rush keeps the parting going all day and night.

 **Flavors may vary due to Limited edition runs***