Swisher Minis (IN-STORE ONLY)

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A twist on the legendary Swisher Sweets. Don't be fouled by their size, these mini cigarillos still contain mighty flavor for an unforgettable smoking experience. Each pack conatains 3 mini cigarillos. This product contains tobacco! 21+

Blueberry: Puts a juicy twist on one of your favorite smokes.
Diamonds: Slow-burning and authentic taste.
Grape: Packing a powerful punch right off the vine.
Green Sweets: Checks all the boxes with their select candela-style wrapper and smooth aroma.
Island Bash: Blends watermelon and fruit punch for the ultimate laid back smoking experience.
Original: Perfect for when you just want a little something. Same high-quality tobacco and great smoke.
Sticky Sweets: Infused with peaches and caramel for a smooth and creamy taste offering a smoke you’ll want to last.