Puffco Plus Accessories

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Puffco Plus Battery: Now with 15% more battery life the Puffco Plus Battery features 3 different temperature settings: Blue (low), green (medium), and white (high).
Hold - Continous hit
2 Times- Sesh-mode
4 times- Cycle through temperatures
5 Times - Turn on and off
**Supercharger not included

Puffco Plus Chamber (Black or Vision): The Puffco Plus Chamber features a large ceramic, coil-less chamber. This creates an unparalleled flavor and full-spectrum experience.

Puffco Plus Mouthpiece: The Puffco Plus mouthpiece is both innovative and practical. The patented dart combines a loading tool, splash guard, and carb cap all in one!
The dart can be easily extended by pressing down on the silicone top, allowing you to scoop concentrates with ease. Press down into the chamber while screwing it back in.
*Taking long, slow draws will produce the best airflow throughout creating the experience. 

Puffco Plus Replacement Darts 3pk: The Puffco Plus Dart 3–Pack was designed for performance, durability, and easy cleaning. The darts feature a silicone top and scoop shaped loading tool, used to extend the dark length and allow easier concentrate collection. They also feature a built-in carb cap and splash guard to maximize airflow and overall experience.
Cleaning- The Puffco Plus Dart can removed from the metal casing and cleaned using ISO alcohol.

Puffco Plus Super Charger: The Puffco Plus SuperCharger was designed with our users time in mind. The Puffco Plus Battery can fully charge in 35 minutes or less.