Puffco Proxy Kit (IN STORE ONLY)

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The Proxy puts unmatched versatility and top-tier technology in the palm of your hand. This compact vaporizer harnesses Puffco's patented 3D Chamber to deliver premium flavor, featuring four precision heat settings and a simple single-button interface. Start with the Proxy Kit and expand with pieces from the Proxy collection- the Proxy is designed to grow with you.

Don't just experience hash. Explore it.

*this producct is not for use with tobacco, nicotine-containing e-liquids, or any synthetic nicotine or nicotine substitute.

What's included: Proxy Base, Proxy Pipe, Oculus carb cap, loading tool, dual tool (5-pack), USB-C Cable, Carrying case.

* the proxy glass coatinng has been designed with your complete safety in mind. The coating was tested and complies with industry standards for safety for a medical device.

The Proxy base is covered for 1 year under the Puffco Warranty, Thru puffco directly.