Mellow Fellow CBD Tinctures

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The Moment Blend: When Life throws hurdles your way, enjoy a boost of momentum with his powerful CBD tincture. With THCv adding an extra boost, Momentum: The Energy Blend is designed to provide a natural surge of energy, aiming to be a catalyst for finding your momentum. Infused with the invigorating essence of fresh berries (or Mint), each drop delivers a gentle yet effective lift, empowering you to conquer your day with ease. So experience renewed energy and mental power while you take on life’s challenges with Momentum.  1,500mg CBD, CBG, CBC & THCv with Limonene. COA Berry Here | COA Mint Here

The Sleepy Blend: Are the stresses of everyday life getting to you? Welcome to your new go-to source of serenity. This CBD Tincture has 1500 total mg of the expertly formulated Rest: The Sleepy Blend. Each drop perfectly encapsulates the essence of tasty fresh berries (or Mint). You’ll get the relaxing effects of a full spectrum CBD tincture with CBG. In addition, CBN proves to be a standout, pushing you deeper into relaxation so you can get some well-deserved Rest. Whether you’re seeking relief from occasional stress or assistance with sleep, this tincture is your ideal companion. Rest, and embrace a moment of calm amidst the chaos of everyday life. Wellness is a journey, make sure to rest along the way.  1,500mg Full Spectrum CBD, CBN, and CBG with Linalool. COA Berry Here | COA Mint Here 

The Vigor Blend: Take on the day with confidence, vitality, and vigor with our specially formulated CBD tincture blend. Vigor: The Relief Blend has an extremely potent dose of CBD. It’s designed to provide a gentle surge of soothing energy that ignites your spirit, empowering you to move through life with determination and ease. Drawing on the power of H4CBD and CBD, this tincture marries premium ingredients with a delicious berry flavor for an all around enjoyable experience. Awaken your inner strength and face the day with Vigor. A life of wellness is a life of vigor.  10,000mg High Potency CBD + H4CBD COA Berry Here | COA Mint Here