King Palm Wraps

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The moment you give this product a try, it’s impossible to go back. All the unhealthy chemicals or additives present in typical paper are a thing of the past. King Palm’s product’s chemical structure and wrapping process makes them a lot better than cotton and paper wrapping. You don’t have to worry about any leakage since you won’t be wasting a single gram of your herbs. The leaves will keep everything in place to make sure you get the ultimate smoking experience.

Size Options: 2pk | 5pk | 25pk
Rollie: Holds a half Gram
Mini: Holds a Gram
Slim: Holds 1.5 Grams
King: Holds 2 Grams
XL: Holds 3 Grams
XXL: Holds 5 Grams


The King Palm Mini Rolls 2 packs are way more than just some pre-rolled cones. These leaf rolls contain a terpene-filled flavor capsule in the center of the corn husk filter tip. To activate, you simply squeeze the filter to pop the capsule and release all-natural flavors. 

Flavored options:
2 pack options:

Banana Cream
Berry Terps
Blue Grape
Fruit Passion
Lemon Haze
Magic Mint
Mango OG
Pink Lemonade
Strawberry Shortcake
Suga Punch
Honey & Kiwi
Pomegranate & Chocolate

5 Pack Options:
Irish Cream
Pine Drip


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