Hidden Hills Fire Fire Fire Blend Disposable (IN-STORE ONLY)

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Hidden Hills in-house developed Fire Fire Fire blend of D11, D9, and THCP Cannabinoids crafted utilizing the latest extraction and blending processes is Fire Fire Fire! Featuring a USB-C port for fast charging (cord not included). Come try this 2-gram Live Resin disposable today!


Blackberry Mamba (Indica): BlackBerry Mamba is carefully crafted to offer maximum fruit flavor. Bold berry flavors are like inhaling a fresh bowl of fruit. This indica blend is a must-try for post-workout or finding some “you” time. Flavors: Berry, Fruity [COA Here]

Blueberry Gelato (Hybrid): Blueberry Gelato is a classic take on the blueberry gelato strain that offers a calming balance of blueberry on the inhale essence paired with slightly earthy undertones. This Hybrid blend is a perfect companion for afternoon post-work relaxation. Flavors: Blueberry, fruity. [COA Here]

Candy Cane Runtz (Hybrid): Just like the name, Candy Cane offers a minty, sweet, and fruity flavor experience. The bold flavor profile offers an energizing effect perfect for a sweet escape at any time of the day. This hybrid blend is balanced for the upbeat “get stuff done” mindset. Flavors: Minty, Sweet, Fruity. [COA Here]

Citrus Mango Popz (Sativa): Experience the blend of Citrus Mango Pop, the sativa-infused disposable vape that delivers a burst of tangy citrus and tropical mango flavors in every puff. Designed for convenience and portability, this disposable vape allows you to enjoy the uplifting effects of Sativa on the go. Indulge in the refreshing taste of Citrus Mango Pop and embrace the energizing benefits of sativa, making it the perfect choice for a satisfying and invigorating vaping experience. Flavors: Mango, citrus. [COA Here]

Kiwi Zellow Sorbet (Sativa): Introducing Kiwi Zellow Sorbet, the sativa-infused disposable vape that offers a delightful fusion of tangy kiwi and smooth sorbet flavors. This convenient and portable device delivers a burst of refreshing kiwi on every inhale, followed by the creamy and satisfying notes of sorbet on the exhale. With its sativa properties, Kiwi Zellow Sorbet provides an uplifting and energizing experience, making it the perfect vape for the day. Flavors: Kiwi, smooth, sorbet. [COA Here]

London Shaved Ice (Sativa): London Shaved Ice offers a lemony, tropical berry blend with an insanely delicious flavor profile. The Lemon and slight hint of berries are clear on the inhale and carry through to the exhale. This blend leans on the sativa side, boosting mental creativeness and awareness to fuel that next creative session. Flavors: Lemon, Tropical, Berry. [COA Here]

Rainbow Belts (Hybrid): Rainbow Belts offers a wide blend of flavors that are carefully crafted for a one-of-a-kind taste experience. Hints of citrus paired with sweet and fruity aromas are unique traits of this strain. This is a Hybrid blend perfect for anyone who wants the best of sweet and citrus flavors. Flavors: Sweet, Fruity, Lime, Citrus. [COA Here]

Single Button Operation:
Press 5 times to power on
Press 2 times to auto preheat
Press 3 times to adjust power
Press down on the button to vape
Press 5 times to power off 

*devices do not have to be powered down every time*

Power Adjustments:

Red light: 2.8V / 6.3W

Yellow Light : 3.2V / 8.2W

Green Light: 3.5V / 9.8W


Do not use this product before driving or operating machinery. The FDA has not evaluated this product to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent diseases.