Ghost Shadow Blend Gummies

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Ghost has recently released their Shadow Blend Gummies, following the success of their Phantom series. These gummies are infused with liquid diamond delta-6 THC and THC-A, making for an exceptional product. Each serving of the gummies contain 125mg of the shadow blend, and there are 40 gummies per jar, which totals 5000mg. Liquid diamonds are known for being one of the purest and most potent concentrates available on the market, so you can expect an elevated euphoria that will establish new industry standards. 


Guava Tangerine: Loading your taste buds down with flavor, this perfectly mixed blend of guavas and tangerines is all that you’ll want.  COA:

Lemon Starfruit: Bombard your taste buds with an overwhelming concoction that offers the taste of lemon and tropical starfruit. COA:

Mandarin Orange: Explore the incredible flavor of mandarin oranges, leaving your mouth with ann amazing citrus flavor you’ll want to experience over and over. COA:

Raspberry Dragonfruit: Enjoy one of the most pleasing tastes that squish out delicious raspberry and dragonfruit flavors every time you take a bite. COA:

Ingredients: Sugar | corn syrup | distilled water | pectin | citric acid | sodium | citrate | natural flavoring | Blue coloring (soy lecithin, propylene glycol, FD&C Red 4211, Yellow 4215, Orange 4207, Pink 4209) | Delta 8 THC live resin (107.5mg/serving, 2150mg/container) | Delta-10 THC (40.5mg/serving, 810mg/container) | PHC (26mg/serving, 520mg/container) | THCP (.5mg/serving, 10mg/container) | THC-B (.5mg/serving, 10mg/container).