Galaxy Treats Hemp-Derived D9 200mg Moon Babies

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Blast off to the moon and beyond with Galaxy Treat’s Delta 9 gummies line up: Berry Melon Lifter, Tropical Kush, Purple Punch and Peachy Rings!
Packed with 10mg of hemp-derived, Farm Bill-compliant delta 9 THC in every gummy!

Total Strength Per Jar: 200mg Delta 9 THC
Serving size: 1 gummy (10MG Delta 9 THC)
Product Size: 20ct Jar

Berry Melon Lifter: Berry Melon
Tropical Kush: Pineapple Mango
Purple Punch: Grape
Peachy Rings: Peach


Berry Melon Lifter:

Tropical Kush:

Purple Punch:
Peachy Rings: