Djarum Mini Cigars (IN-STORE ONLY)

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Djarum, as a brand, has gained international recognition for its high-quality tobacco and distinct flavor profile. Indulge your senses in the tantalizing dance of flavors within each Djarum Mini Cigar. Impeccably balanced, these cigarettes weave together the finest tobacco leaves with a melange of cloves and secret spices. 21+


Black: Great taste and aroma blended perfectly for this bold flavor.
Emerald: A specially crafted cigar that is a cool and refreshing experience.
Ivory: Complex and intriguing with a fragrant aroma that excites your sense.
Ruby: A crisp, balanced tobacco blend that creates a truly remarkable unique smoke.
Select: Mellow draw, distinctive aroma and the smooth flavor of premium tobacco.
Special: The perfect blend for a truly unique rich aroma and taste.
Natural Leaf Ruby:
Vintage Ivory: An aromatic tobacco blend to entice the senses.
Vintage Ruby: An unmistakable tobacco blend with a crisp, breezy taste.
Vintage Special: Superior bold taste and aroma.