Black & Mild 5 packs (IN-STORE ONLY)

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Black & Mild is a classic in the world of smoking. This cigarillo has a smoothness and flavor unlike anything you've had before. With the option of plastic or wood tip, you can achieve a perfect smoke every time. The listed price is for a 5-pack of cigarillos. 21+

Options: Plastic and wood tips

Apple: The simple pleasure of their Apple blend makes wherever you are the place to be. 
Jazz: Set the tempo when you flow with this rhythmic blend. Crafted for those who move to their own beat. 
Original: You know that aroma anywhere, and the timeless taste is as smooth as ever. Get into the OG and enjoy.
Select: Shift enjoyment with this unique Black & Mild blend, offered with a plastic tip.
Wine: A lush combination of aroma & smooth taste make this full-bodied blend something to savor & enjoy.