Backwoods Single (IN-STORE ONLY)

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Backwoods is a well-known brand of cigars recognized for their rustic and rugged appearance. We offer a variety of flavors, each pack includes 1 single cigar. 21+


Black n Sweet: Backwoods Black n Sweet cigars feature a dark and slightly sweet wrapper, offering a robust tobacco flavor with a touch of sweetness for a balanced taste.
Dark Stout: Backwoods Dark Stout cigars provide a full-bodied and hearty smoking experience with notes of dark stout beer, appealing to those who enjoy bold and robust flavors.
Honey: Backwoods Honey cigars are known for their sweet and mellow taste, complemented by a honey flavor that adds a gentle sweetness to the tobacco.
Honey Berry: Backwoods Honey Berry cigars offer a sweet and fruity smoking experience by combining honey and berry flavors for a delightful and tangy profile.
Honey Bourbon: Backwoods Honey Bourbon cigars infuse the sweet notes of honey with the rich taste of bourbon, creating a flavorful and slightly smoky profile.
Original: Backwoods Original cigars feature a straightforward and classic tobacco flavor, providing a no-frills smoking experience for those who enjoy the pure taste of tobacco.
Russian Cream: Backwoods Russian Cream cigars offer a creamy and smooth taste reminiscent of Russian cream desserts. They provide an indulgent and velvety flavor profile.
Sweet Aromatic: Backwoods Sweet Aromatic cigars offer a well-balanced blend of sweet and aromatic flavors. They feature a gentle sweetness with hints of spices and herbs, providing a flavorful and mild smoking experience.