Acid Cigar 10 ct Tins (IN-STORE ONLY)

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Krush Blue Connecticut: Acid Krush Classic Blue cigarillos are a fan favorite as you can tell by the high ratings they received from customers who have purchased them. With Krush Classic, you can enjoy the unique and revolutionary ACID taste in a petite cigar. Their mellow to medium flavor is created by this unique blend of infused herbs and oils.
Ring:32 | Shape: Cigarillo | Size: 4"
Strength: Mellow-Medium | Wrapper Color: Connecticut

Krush Candella: All the ACID cigars are carefully handcrafted using some of the world's finest tobacco with more than one hundred and forty herbs, botanicals, and other essential oils to get their unique aroma and flavor. Experiencing ACID cigars is the only way to understand them. Similar to all Drew Estate cigars, their construction is flawless since they are rolled in Sumatra, Maduro, Connecticut, and African wrappers. The Acid Krush Candella cigars dekuver a great floral and aromatic smoke, with notes of sugar and tea.
Ring: 32 | Shape: Corona | Size: 4" | Strength: Mellow

Krush Gold Sumatra: Wrapped in an Indonesian Sumatra wrapper that adds perfectly to the earthly, sweet, and unique flavor.
Ring: 32 | Shape: Cigarillo | Size: 4” | Strength: Mellow

Krush Morado Maduro: Smooth to Medium-bodied. A dark Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper encompasses a sweet combination of Nicaraguan long-fillers.
Ring: 32 | Shape: Cigarillo | Size: 4” | Strength: Medium

Krush Red Cameroon: For connoisseurs who like the smaller cigars but want the big tast that Acid cigars are so famous for. Infused with a secret recipe of botanicals, this mouth-watering cigarillo is hand-rolled into a Cameroon wrapper in Nicaragua and packed fresh waiting to excite your taste buds.
Ring: 32 | Shape: Cigarillo | Size: 4”