Hidden Hills Heady Blend Badder

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  • Heady Blend

    Our heady blend is a high-quality Fresh Frozen product line with a mixture of the newly discovered THC-B, THC-A ULTRA, and D9


    Gorilla Silver Haze | Sativa |-Introducing our Sativa strain, Gorilla Silver Haze, renowned for its delightful flavors and terpenes, including notes of pineapple, haze, evergreen, and mint, offering a refreshing and invigorating experience.

    Lemon Cherry Gelato | Hybrid |-Discover the tantalizing hybrid strain Lemon Cherry Gelato, boasting a fusion of flavors and terpenes including citrus, soda, cherry, and cake, promising a delightful and satisfying experience.

    Space Candy | Indica |-Delve into the relaxing world of our Indica strain, Space Candy, featuring a captivating blend of flavors and terpenes such as papaya, guava, kush, and pina, offering a uniquely tropical and soothing cannabis experience

    Super Sour | Sativa |-Explore the exhilarating Sativa strain Super Sour, characterized by its distinct flavors and terpenes, including notes of gas, skunk, citrus, and herbs, delivering a vibrant and aromatic cannabis experience.