Skunk Brand Rolling Papers

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Launched in 1995, Skunk Rolling Papers have quickly become one of the leading rolling paper brands. Created because Skunk founder Orion was a frequent roll-your-own smoker, and people around him would pinch their nose and remark "ew, that stinks, would you please put that out?". Orion felt like a skunk, and thus the idea for Skunk was Born. 

Hemp : These Skunk rolling papers are made in Spain, and burn nice and slowly. 
Hawaiian : Subtle flavors of pineapple and coconut mixed perfectly in these new papers from Skunk. These papers are extra thin and made to burn slow, even, and clean. 
Sweet :  Slightly sweetened with natural sweetener to provide an interesting flavor that mixes well with your smoking herbs.


Try them today and see for yourself why so many smoked swear by them!