Dime Bags 7” Pipe Pouch

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Dime Bags Padded Pouches are the best selling in the industry. Need we say more? We don’t really think so.

Dime Bags’ classic Padded Pouch comes in four sizes: 5 inches, 7 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches. With additional external and internal pockets, the Padded Pouch family lives on the end of that cul de sac and throws a backyard BBQ every two weeks, providing all the free food, drinks, desserts, and games you could ever want and asking for nothing in return but your happiness and just to be your #1. What does this pouch consist of? Hempster- three pockets - mucho padding - rad colors - that’s it. That’s all. Padded pouches come in 22 different colors. Yes, I repeat: 22 eye-catching colors!