STNR KnockOut Blend PreRolls

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300mg per 1.5 gram Kief Covered Pre-Roll with a blend of Delta-8 | HHC | THC-P



Blue Dream (Hybrid): With an undertone of fresh blueberries, this Sativa-dominate hybrid strain that will wash over you with a wave of calmness & relaxation. This strain produces a balanced euphoria paired with full-body relaxation. 

Cherry Lemon Haze (Sativa): A blissful combination that tastes like cherry limeade, this sativa dominate strain will leave you feeling energized, euphoric, happy. Cherry Lime haze is a great fit for anyone with an active lifestyle.

Green Crack (Sativa): A SUPER potent sativa strain that can leave you feeling energized, happy & ready to go. This is a very citrus forward strain (think lemons & limes). Green Crack is a great strain for someone who is an active  user, but wants to enjoy flower while getting things done. 

Sherbet Queen (Indica): A powerful indica that breaks typical stereotypes because it can induce both a body & mind euphoria at the same time. With its delicious fruity flavor & effects, this strain can provide a wholesome, tasty & euphoric experience.