STNR Candy Clusters

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Sweet gummy centers surrounded by delicious little rainbow candies. These gummies are sure to pack a punch, don’t under estimate these sweet & tangy clusters! 100mg in Each Gummy!

There is a range of different combinations of cannabinoids that create specific wellness benefits. One of STNR’s more popular options in edibles is their Delta-8 and Delta-9 Gummies. These are unique type of gummy candy that not only delivers the affects you are looking for but also offers a sweet and tasty flavor experience. 

75mg Delta-8 / 25mg Delta-9

Options: Apple Tartz | Nana Berry | Original (Mixed fruit) | Razzberry Blitz

Suggested serving size: 1/2 gummy (6.6g)

servings per container: 10

ingredients: Dextrose | malic acid | corn syrup | sugar | water | gelatin | citric acid | natural flavors | pectin | vegetable oil | carnauba leaf wax | food coloring | hemp oil extract