Mike Tyson Heavyweight Vape 5%/7000 Puff Disposable Vape (IN STORE ONLY)

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Satisfies any champion, hits harder than Iron Mike Himself

7000 puffs | 15ml | 5% Nic | Mesh Coil | 550 mAh battery | USB-C

Apple Gummies: Sweet and Sour Apple. 
Cool Mint: Fresh Menthol.
Frozen Banana: Cool and Creamy.
Frozen Blueberry: Sweet and Tart.
Frozen Grape: Bold and Refreshing.
Frozen Peach: Sweet and Juicy. 
Frozen Strawberry: Sweet but Juicy.
Passion Pom: Sweet with a Zing.
Strawberry Banana: Smooth and Creamy.
Blue Razz: Sweet and Tart Raspberry.
Mint Berry: Cool mint and sweet berries.
Peach Watermelon: Sweet peaches and juicy watermelon.