Delta Daddy Delta 8 2pk Preroll

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Clean, solvent-less sprayed CBG Flower takes advantage of the natural earthy and bright citrus from Matterhorn CBG. Tube contains 2 blunts weighing 1.5 grams each. Testing shows approximately 300mg of Delta 8 THC per blunt.

Blue Dreaming: A fresh take on one of history’s most sought after strains. Fresh ripe berry dances between bright citrusy herbal notes. Hints of earth and gas peak through beneath the layers of fresh fruit. Energy driven for those who want to stay on task, Blue Dreaming will lift your spirits and elevate your thoughts. Heavy in the creativity side of things, Blue Dreaming is great for when a creeping deadline has you stressed out. Take it from us, this strain is sure to loosen you up and buckle you down for the final stretch.  COA:

Pineapple Express: The Yin and Yang of our offerings, Pineapple Express leans towards Hybrid tendencies with a Sativa parent, crossing Trainwreck with Hawaiian to create a masterfully blended profile. Sweet tropical notes dance between bright citrus and crisp woodsy flavors that will tickle your tastebuds. Looking for a light airy effect without getting too foggy? Light and uplifting, yet still relaxing, Pineapple Express makes for a great daily strain. Pineapple Express lends itself towards energy boosting with deep soothing effects.   COA:

Purple Haze:  Fruity, juicy, and sweet, Purple Haze is the perfect blend for mellowing out after a long day. A heavy Indica that packs a punch. With a scent reminiscent of freshly picked, ripe grapes and a subtle note of lavender, this strain tastes as great as it smells.   COA:

Nilla Kush: Deep and slightly complex vanilla is at the forefront of this profile, sweet yet neutral for even the pickiest palettes. True to its hybrid lineage this strain is a special blend of terpenes that help create a serene and uplifting sensation for the ultimate relaxation.

Watermelon Skitz: Juicy, ripe, and just right for ending the day. Watermelon Zkittles is a true Indica, heady in just the right ways. This flavor boosted profile screams of fresh sweet watermelon with subtle notes of earthy natural lemonades.  Crisp and enjoyable, this strain will be the best way to end your night and keep you coming back over and over. Great for a chilled out night in or your next campfire jam session, Watermelon Zkittles is notorious for boosting creativity.  COA: