Modus Knock Out Blend; Gummies

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Contains 20 Gummies | 2000mg 

Delta 8 Live Resin | Delta 10 | THC-P

Knockout Gummies are packed with delicious flavors that will electrify your palate. But that’s not all, they also contain a cocktail of powerful cannabinoids. So, not only can you savor them as a tasty treat, but you can also relish in their potent effects.

If you’ve ever wished for gummies that pack a punch, these gummies are just what you need. Our Knockout Gummies are infused with our Signature MD8 Knockout Blend. But, it doesn’t end there. To celebrate our mutual love for the cannabis/hemp plant, our gummies come with strain-specific terpenes. You can choose from different flavors including Mamba Melon, Purple Grape, Sour Blue Razz, Berry Bite, Lemon Lime, and Tropical Fusion. If you can’t choose between these amazing flavors, just go for our Assorted Flavors pack and you can enjoy all the flavors.


Flavor options:

Mamba Melon: This flavor was inspired by the popular Mamba strain. It has a juicy, sweet, and lip-puckering watermelon flavor. This flavor is organic and Kosher.

Purple Grape: This flavor was inspired by the classic Grape Ape strain. It has the flavor of juicy Concord grapes with sweet candy notes.

Sour Blue Razz: This flavor takes inspiration from the popular Sour Blue Raspberry Strain. It has a tangy blue raspberry flavor that may remind you of your favorite blue razz gummy treat.

Berry Bite: This flavor was inspired by the Strawberry Spider Bite strain. It has a sweet-sour strawberry flavor with candy notes. This flavor is reminiscent of strawberry sour belts candy. It is made of organic and Kosher ingredients.

Lemon Lime: This flavor was inspired by its namesake strain. Lemon Lime has a sweet-sour citrus flavor. There are notable hints of lemon and lime in there.

Tropical Fusion: These gummies capture the exact taste of the highly-rated Tropical Fusion strain. You’ll get juicy notes of different tropical fruits from these gummies, including mango and pineapple.

Assorted flavors: We understand that it can be difficult to pick one of Modus’s gummy flavors. That’s why they make the Assorted flavors pack available. So, you can sample them all!

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Don’t consume gummies before driving or operating heavy machinery,. These products are made for adults 18 years or above, and are not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.