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Salt E-liquid | 10,000puffs | 5% Nic | 

Blueberry Cheesecake

Experience the perfect balance of creamy richness and fruity sweetness, reminiscent of a freshly baked blueberry cheesecake.

Blue Razz Breeze

An electric symphony of flavor that leaves your taste buds refreshed and your senses tingling with pure berries, mouthwatering delight.

Breakfast Cereal

The essence of your favorite cereal, with notes of sweet grains, hints of creamy milk, and a subtle sweetness. Enjoy a satisfying vape experience that combines the essence of breakfast nostalgia with the convenience of vaping.

Cool Mint

Enjoy winterish feels this summer with this frosty flavor!

Grapeberry Bubble Gum

Experience a delightful fusion of juicy grapes and mixed berries with the timeless charm of bubblegum. This flavor combines the luscious sweetness of ripe grapes with the vibrant burst of assorted berries, creating a harmonious blend of fruity goodness.

Strawberry Kiwi Pomegranate 

The succulent strawberries, tropical kiwis, and juicy pomegranate blend harmoniously, creating a symphony of flavors that will delight your taste buds.

Strawberry Pina Colada

Indulge in the ultimate tropical paradise with our exquisite fusion of flavors that will transport you to a secluded beach oasis.

Tangy Twist

Prepare for a citrus-infused adventure as luscious lemons and tangy tangerines twirl together, leaving a refreshing burst of delightful tartness in every draw.

Watermelon Berry

Juicy kisses of summer blend as the succulent sweetness of ripe watermelon intertwines with the playful tartness of luscious mixed berries, creating a mouthwatering symphony that refreshes the senses with each puff.

Watermelon Bubble Gum

Indulge in the sweet and refreshing taste of ripe watermelon, perfectly blended with the nostalgic essence of bubble gum.